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Welcome to our programme of talks which take place each month at 7.30 pm in  Century Hall, Bishop Road, Shurdington, Gloucestershire, GL51 4TB

Please note this chart may show talks in more than one year so please check the year in the date column.

Year and Date TitleSpeakerDescription
2020 - January 9th
The Four Seasons - Cotswold Style
Mandy Bradshaw

To start our new year Mandy Bradshaw, who was awarded PPA Garden journalist for 2018, will give us a talk which looks at Cotswold gardens through every season.

2020 - February 13th
How to be a 21st Century Gardener
Timothy Walker

This topic was raised by a number of members during this year.  So Timothy Walker, formerly Director of the University of Oxford Botanic Garden and Harcourt Arboretum, will talk about how we can be 21st century gardeners.  He will look at the many ways that gardeners can reduce their impact on the world’s natural resources and at the same time help those plants whose habitat is evolving faster than they can. It is about much more than global warming and using peat!

2020 - March 12th
Penstemons and Other Summer Sun Lovers
Julie Ritchie

Penstemons and other Summer Sun Lovers

A closer look at a flamboyant genus and the perennials that grow well with them.
2020 - April 9th
David Austin Roses
Mervyn Reed
Mervyn will take us through the  work involved in creating  the famous range of varieties that is David Austin
2020 - May 14th
Tulip ManiaAllan WellsThe Netherlands and Tulips are synonymous, but what is the real story of the mania that almost destroyed the country. Alan will unfold the story.
2020 - June 11th
Islamic Gardens
Nathalie MignotteNathalie will look at the relationship between faith and landscape and their influence on Islamic garden design: use of geometric pattern, water and also the symbolism of some plants
2020 - July 9th
Ornamental Grasses
Robin Pearce
Ornamental Grasses - Ornamental Grasses can create new dimension to a garden, providing a naturalist feel with a great sense of movement. The talk will explore the range of grasses available and providing a guide on how to grow and use them effectively.
2020 - August 13th
Tales From the Potting Shed

Katherine Kear
This is a fun look at the ‘what to do or not do in the garden’. Some of the oldest garden advice was not found in a gardening book, but from the wisdom of green-fingered gardeners from long ago.
2020 - September 10th
Pruning in Autumn
Howard Drury
Howard is one of our favourite speakers and always gives a really interesting talk which gives you new ideas on his subject. He also brings along some wonderful photographs. 
2020 - October 8th
Planting Pots for Winter and Spring
Harriet Ryecroft
A notorious pot planter, professional gardener and writer, Harriet will  give us an illustrated talk about gardening in containers for the Winter and Spring.
2020 - November 12th 

2020 - December 10th
12 Plants for Christmas.  Followed by a bring and share supper.
Julie Henderson

The 12 Plants of Christmas - a festive look at our favourite Christmas plants.

It will be a fun, informative talk looking at some of the folklore, history, botany, horticulture and interesting facts relating to the plants which make up our Christmas festivities.